Here’s How iPhone Production Factory Looked Like in 2007 (Photos)

Here’s How iPhone Production Factory Looked Like in 2007 (Photos)

iPhone Production FactoryiPhone Production Factory

A series of photos have popped up on Twitter, showing off 2007’s iPhone production factory. The photos show how organized Apple’s production was, even when they were manufacturing the world’s first iPhone back in 2007.

Bob Burrough, co-creator of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and the inventor of Taptic Engine found on newer iPhones, shared a bunch of images on Twitter, giving us a first look at the Apple’s factory. Apple generally turns to third-party manufacturers for producing iPhones, and the images, also, seem to be one of the old Foxconn factories in China.

In the images, you can see a stack of iPhones passing quality checks before they’re boxed and shipped to the customers. Some iPhones are labeled as ‘Passed’, while the iPhone in middle has failed to pass certain tests. The images seem to be later in the supply chain when the iPhone was in full production, and not close to the original announcement of 2007.

Burrough, back in 2017 said that Apple had become a boring company under Tim Cook. He said that under Steve Jobs ‘there was always chaos’ and it was a ‘wild west’ for him to pass. He went on to say that Tim focused more on production and operation, while under Steve Jobs, Apple was more of a project focused company.

It’s shocking to see how planned Apple’s approach for production was back then. It shows how far we’ve come off, with just a few days to go for the 14th anniversary of the original iPhone. Some even thought it was impossible to manufacture a smartphone in 2007, and now we’re peeping out for the leaks of the 13th generation iPhone.

What’s Your Take?

What were your first reactions when you first saw the images? Were you also surprised how streamlined Apple’s factory was even in 2007? Did you use the original iPhone? Let us know your reactions and comments in the comments section below!

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