New Patent Suggests Future MacBooks Could Come With Touchscreen Display Keyboard

New Patent Suggests Future MacBooks Could Come With Touchscreen Display Keyboard

macbook adaptive keysmacbook adaptive keys

A new patent filing suggests Apple could be testing a keyboard with small adaptive display keys on the future MacBooks.

The filing was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office earlier today. According to the filing, the keys dynamically change as per the content displayed on the screen or the language selected by the user. Kinda like TouchBar on current Macs.

The patent explains that every key on the keyboard could have ‘an associated key display’ connected to the keyboard’s circuit. The patent suggests that Apple is testing a keyboard in which each key will have a small display that would display labels or the characters. Apple is going to opt for an OLED display for the keys, while they are yet to decide the upper material (ceramic, glass, or sapphire).

The patent also suggests that the keys would be ‘reconfigurable’. Apart from display different language keys, the keyboard will also be able to turn a standard keyboard into a gaming keyboard. In the gaming keyboard, the keyboard would display only certain keys to be used in the games or display custom characters.

It also suggests that the future Macbook keyboard will provide a ‘visual feedback’ to the user, indicating the current status of the keys. It could turn the keys grey if a key is active, such as when the caps lock is turned on or when an ability in the game is activated. The patent shows that Apple is testing the keyboard for both desktop Mac and Macbook.

While this sounds pretty exciting, it’s very rare when Apple patents show up in a real product.

What’s Your Take?

What do you think about Apple’s patent? Do you think it would be comfortable to type on a display keyboard? What are your thoughts on the Adaptive Keys? Let us know in the comment section below!

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