Keep your AirPods safe and secure with this tracker

Keep your AirPods safe and secure with this tracker

Never lose your AirPods again with Air Fob
Never lose your AirPods again with Air Fob.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

What would you do without your AirPods? They’re perfect for everything from tuning into your favorite learning app or wearing during a sweaty workout. Unfortunately, they can fall out during almost any activity, whether you’re moving around too much while taking a class, or even while you’re in transit from your doorstep to the side street.

Luckily, there’s Air Fob — an AirPods tracker that both protects your precious earbuds from damage and helps you locate them in case they slip out.

After all, AirPods are expensive to replace if you lose them. With this premium-quality silicone rubber accessory, you can protect your AirPods charging case from scratches and damage. Plus, it includes something called a Mu tag, which securely stays on the top of your AirPods charging case to prevent them from being lost in the first place.

The tag can be easily removed for quick charging if you use the Mu charger (so your AirPods can stay fully charged), and slips right back into the case when finished charging. Conveniently, the Mu tag has a rechargeable battery that lasts for three weeks on just a 40-minute charge — and it’s even sustainable and eco-friendly.

Here’s how it works: All you need to do is simply attach the Mu tag to your AirPods, then download the Informu app and add Mu tags to your dashboard. Just give it a name, set up Safe Zones, and you’re all set. You’ll get notifications on your phone or watch immediately before you leave valuables behind — or, if you left in a rush, you can find your lost items afterward on a map.

This accessory makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves their AirPods. Get this Air Fob: AirPods Tracker for $38.99 (regularly $45), a savings of 13%.

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